Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks

toilet paper roll fireworks

The twins loved painting this fun Fourth of July Craft. Got us talking about the upcoming holiday and what happens on the Fourth. Of course this holiday has to involve fireworks!


Supplies Needed:
red, white and blue paint
white construction paper
toilet paper rolls
red glitter

Take an old toilet paper roll and cut one end all around about an inch deep. After cutting, push back the flaps.

toilet paper roll fireworks

Then put your red, white and blue paint on a paper plate for the kid’s to dip the toilet paper roll into.

toilet paper roll fireworks

Now show them how to stamp the toilet paper roll onto the white construction paper.

toilet paper roll fireworks

They can keep the colors separate or mix them all together. With my young ones there was no keeping the paint colors separate!

toilet paper roll fireworks

Once the kids were done painting we sprinkled red glitter to make our fireworks shine and sparkle.

toilet paper roll fireworks

Here are our finished toilet paper roll firework displays!

fourth of july

Found this fun activity over at Frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail Definitely a keeper!

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Cupcake Liner Fireworks

fourth of july

We are getting very excited for the Fourth of July coming up and the kids can’t wait for all the fireworks. There are many many Fourth of July crafts out there, but when I saw these cupcake liner fireworks on No Time for Flash Cards it looked like something my toddlers could handle on their own so I wanted to try it.

cupcake liners
dark construction paper
blue and red markers

fourth of july

I had the children begin this fireworks craft by flattening the cupcake liners and coloring all over the liners with the red and blue markers.

fourth of july

When they were done coloring with the markers we took our safety scissors and cut small slits all around each cupcake liner.

fourth of july

Finally with the glue stick, glue down the cupcake liners onto the dark construction paper.

fourth of july

Well now that our fireworks display is finished we are ready for the real fireworks show! Wish me luck getting the children to wait until it gets dark.

cupcake liner fireworks

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Fourth of July Flag

fourth of july crafts

The Fourth of July is such a fun time for kids. We are getting ready for the summer celebration by making these Fourth of July Flags.

Supplies Needed:
construction paper in blue, red and white


To make the stars I dug out my cookie cutters and traced stars on a piece of white construction paper and then cut them out. You will also need to cut out a blue rectangle to fit in the top left corner of your flag. Mine was about 5 inches by 3 inches. For the red stripes of our flag I cut strips about 1 1/2 inches wide. Make some shorter in length to go next to the blue rectangle and some stripes longer, almost the entire length of the paper.


Now glue it all together.

Start by glueing the blue rectangle down. Then glue down all the red stripes.


Now my little girls favorite part. Glueing the stars onto the blue paper. We only had 5 stars for each flag, but feel free to add as many as you can fit. This was just the right amount of stars and stripes for my 2 year olds’ attention spans!

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Decorate Golf Balls for Father’s Day

Here’s a fun idea for the golfing Dad for Father’s Day!


Supplies Needed:
golf balls
permanent markers


I ordered these permanent markers for a later craft but I couldn’t wait so we broke them out to get a jump on Father’s Day ideas for our favorite Dad. Have the kiddos color all over Dad’s golf balls so the next time he goes out golfing, Dad doesn’t have to wonder which golf ball is his!

fathers day

We didn’t tell Daddy we did this, we are just hoping to put a smile on his face when he’s on the course next.

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Father’s Day Frame

If you are my Dad stop reading. Otherwise this is the frame I made for my Father for Father’s Day this year.

fathers day ideas


I ordered some scrabble tiles and found the perfect frame in my collection of frames, don’t know why I have so many but I do.

Now you could change the wording like they did here to Daddy. But being older I figured my gift should say Dad. And my dad has 2 daughters and I couldn’t leave my little sister out now could I. I figured this weekend we could take a picture of all 3 of us together to fit in this frame.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!


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Father’s Day Gift Idea

I’ve been trying to find a gift for Father’s Day that is unique and will capture how little my children are at this point in our lives. This picture and saying from 517creations I think does just that!

Our kids love to wear Daddy’s and Mommy’s shoes so getting them to pose for this picture wasn’t hard. Getting them to stand still was however a little tricky!

My husband is not the sentimental or mushy type and I try to get him to realize how fast our twins are growing up and to enjoy them at every stage. I’m not expecting him to cry when he sees this picture (well maybe a little), I just want him to have a picture that shows him they are growing up so very fast and one day he can look back and see how tiny they once were.

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Umbrella with Rain Craft

umbrella craft

It is a rainy, rainy week here. So when I came across this adorable Umbrella with rain craft over at Mama Jenn I knew it would be perfect for my little ones.

umbrella craft

Supplies Needed:
construction paper

I cut out an umbrella shape after my 3 year olds picked the color. I took the paper and folded in half before I began to cut the umbrella out to be sure the umbrella shape would be equal. Then with scrap paper I made the umbrella handle.

umbrella with rain craft

Then I had my little ones glue down the umbrella shape to the blue construction paper.

umbrella craft

Now the kids put glue dots all over the paper. Supergirl costume is optional!

umbrella craft

Hang the picture up while drying to create the rain effect. Some pictures the glue ran quickly so then I layed flat to dry.

rain craft

Finished product!!

Glue dries bumpy so this umbrella with rain craft was also fun to touch after complete!

puffy paint egg

Puffy Paint Egg

puffy paint egg

I felt like making a mess today and always love painting with shaving cream, so here we are. Easter is just a few days away and using construction paper to puffy paint an egg was the perfect craft to get the messy out of my system.

Supplies Needed:
construction paper
shaving cream

white glue
food coloring
paint brush
muffin tin

Cut the construction paper into an egg shape. To make the puffy paint you mix equal parts glue and shaving cream.

puffy paint egg

This helpful idea to use a muffin tin to hold the paint I found here and think it worked very well. No little cups to pass back and forth and only one dirty dish to wash. I will have to remember this tip. Put your glue and shaving cream mix into the muffin tin cups and stir in food coloring to each one. So pretty and pastel.

puffy paint easter egg

Now take that paper egg and paintbrushes and let the kids go to town.

painting with puffy paint

puffy paint egg

Little princess liked the feel of the puffy paint. She doesn’t usually like to get messy so this was surprising to me, but it does feel cool so I don’t blame her.

puffy paint easter

Each kid had their own paintbrush we didn’t use one for each color. Good luck trying to explain to toddlers they have to change brushes with each new color! I think the mixed colors are pretty neat looking and added a swirling effect to the finished products.

puffy paint egg

I couldn’t keep my kids from touching these puffy paint eggs while drying. The paint dries so squishy, colorful and was fun for everyone. Makes a little bit of a mess like I was hoping but cleanup was super easy!

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Painting with Plastic Eggs


“E is for Easter!” That is how we started the Easter holiday in our house. There are only so many Easter Egg Hunts you can play around the house with the kids but if you are looking for another way to use all those plastic eggs here is an idea for you: Painting with plastic eggs.

painting with plastic eggs

Supplies Needed:
plastic eggs
paper plate for paint

This activity is flexible and easy to substitute with what you have in your art supplies. Now I obviously cut out the letter ‘E’ from our construction paper. My kids are recognizing letters and I took this opportunity to squeeze in more practicing of the letters. You could however make a large egg shape, leave the paper alone, or cut into another fun Easter shape like a bunny.

painting with plastic eggs

We used washable tempera paint but again finger paint or any other kind of paint you have will be just perfect. They all make a mess and will stick to paper just fine!

egg painting

Once set up, have the little ones dip the plastic eggs into the paint and stamp away on the paper! As you can see this little girl had a favorite spot to fill with color.

painting with eggs

My sweet boy was more into dipping the eggs in the paint and then playing with the plastic eggs.

painting with easter eggs

However your kids do it Painting with plastic eggs is a FUN activity for the kids and a great art project to do around the Easter Holiday.

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Toddler Bunny Mask

toddler bunny mask

Kids will love seeing themselves as the Easter Bunny with this cute toddler bunny mask.

Supplies Needed:
paper plate
white paper
pink crayon
cotton balls
popsicle sticks

Begin by cutting the middle out of the paper plate. While you have the scissors take your white paper and make some big bunny ear shapes. They don’t have to be perfect, most of the ear will be covered with cotton balls.

Toddler bunny mask

Have your kiddos color the bunny ear with the pink crayon. My boy wanted a blue bunny which is fine by me. His sister claims all the pink things in our house, so he thinks pink is hers.

Toddler bunny mask

Toddler bunny mask

Put glue all over the plate and let the little ones glue the cotton balls all around the plate.

Toddler bunny mask

Glue around the edge of the ears and have them glue more cotton balls on the bunny ears.

bunny mask

My twins wanted to play with their bunny masks right away so I didn’t have time to let glue dry. So what we did was take popsicle sticks and tape to the back to hold the ears up. The cotton balls make the ears heavy so they need support or we had floppy bunny ears.

easter mask

Little girl was so happy to be an Easter Bunny with her toddler bunny mask.

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